Custom Category Headlines now Live

We’ve just launched a new feature on hipages called “Custom Category Headlines” which will help improve the overall quality of our website and assist tradespeople stand-out even further on hipages.

Now tradespeople will be able to use the Custom Category Headline tool to manually create unique and compelling headlines. Headlines can now be customised specifically for each and every service category tradespeople are targeting.


Instead of a generic headline across multiple categories, Custom Category Headlines allows a custom headline be implemented for each serviceable category:

Generic Headline:

This headline is displayed across every category on the site.

Generic Handyman Headline

After: Basic Bricklaying

The generic headline has been replaced with the headline below for the category “Basic Bricklaying”. The headline has instantly become more relevant and compelling to consumers.

Basic Bricklaying Headline

After: Basic Painting

The generic headline is no longer used across the board. Like the example above, for the Basic Painting category, the headline has been customised for the category “Basic Painting”.

Basic Painting Headline

After: Basic Carpentry

A custom headline has been implemented for the category “Basic Carpentry”.

Basic Carpentry Headline

For all the examples above, a generic headline was not used, each headline was customised to suit each category the business (in this example Andrew Lamont Handyman) services.

Why are category headlines important?

Headlines send a compelling message about businesses on Category/Location pages to potential customers and may strongly influence them on which tradesperson they select for their next job. An effective headline:

  • Clearly describes each service offered
  • Highlights levels of expertise

The benefits of this tool include:

  • Replaces the default headline which is not always optimised to the service category – helps business headline descriptions become more relevant to you
  • The hipages website becomes more relevant to search engines with the increased number of compelling and keyword relevant business headline descriptions
  • Helps users make informed decisions based on influential category headline descriptions

Tradespeople can login here: to immediately begin editing headlines.