Keyword Generated Headlines for Sub-Categories

The engineering team here at hipages have built a new tool which uses keywords to generate headlines for sub-categories. This will help improve the overall quality of our website and help improve business headlines to become more descriptive with regards to services offered.

This new tool is an extension of our “Custom Category Headline” tool, except in this instance the tool will generate a headline using the sub-category name as a keyword followed  by pulling snippets of content from business profile pages. This is completed automatically and is designed for tradespeople who have not had time to manually update their Custom Category Headlines.

Here is an example of a generic headline vs a headline generated by the tool  for the sub-category “Drain Repairs”:


This business has the same headline for Drain Repairs as it had for every other category it is in.

Default Headline


Our system found content relating to Drain Repair on the business profile page and returned this as the headline.

Sub Category Headline

Notice that the keyword generated headline provides a better description of the business compared with the default headline. The default headline description does not provide enough relevant information as to whether or not Pipe Perfection Plumbers do indeed provide a drain repair service.

Here is an additional example for the sub-category “Blocked Drains”:

Blocked Drains Sub Category Example

Note: A headline for a sub-category will only be generated if:

  • A headline created using the “Custom Category Headline” tool is non-existent
  • The tool is able to locate sub-category keywords for the particular business within their business service page

Otherwise, the default headline will be displayed on Sub-Category/Location pages.

Note: This tool only generates headlines for sub-categories and not parent categories. The “Custom Category Headline” tool allows tradespeople to manually create their own custom headlines for parent categories and sub-categories they service.

If for any reason a tradesperson thinks the keyword generated headline could be better, then they may freely change the headline using the Custom Category Headline tool directly: