We’re excited to introduce our new Job Management page

Our team has been working hard on improving the experience and level of service you as a consumer receive when you post a job. Our challenge was that it wasn’t always visible what our team was doing behind the scenes after you post your job requirements.


This is where the job management page comes in. We created this page to keep you informed about the progress of your job every step of the way.  You can currently see some of the following things

  • Matched Businesses  – how many businesses we have that can potentially help with your job

  • Notified Businesses – the number of businesses that have been alerted of your job so far

  • Connected Businesses – how many businesses we have connected you with

  • Standby Businesses – if we connect you with more than 3 businesses we put them on “stand by” – but you can connect with these businesses at any time

  • Declined Businesses – how many businesses are unable to help with your job at this time

This is also the central point for your job where you can chat to the hipages support team, send messages to trade businesses and leave feedback on businesses.

If you’ve posted a job with us before, you can log in and have a look at your past jobs with the new Job Management page. If you have a new job to be done then you can see the new page live in action.

We will continue to innovate this page and our process so please let us know if you have any thoughts or feedback.